High Point, NC

A Message From International Market Centers

Dear friends, First, I want to express our heartfelt sympathy to everyone that was affected by the terrible tragedy that occurred on Sunday night. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the victims, and please know that we share in the overwhelming heartbreak and disbelief prompted by this type of horrific incident. We are thankful that all International Market Centers employees have been accounted for and are safe. We had Teammates at the concert and many of us know families affected by this senseless and horrific massacre. In the context of this awful event, it is important to emphasize that IMC is committed to the safety and security of everyone that attends market or visits any of our facilities. To that end, we have a comprehensive security strategy in place in Las Vegas that includes 24-hour manned security coverage, 24-hour CCTV coverage, strict credential checkpoints, on-the-ground security patrols and extensive collaboration with the Las Vegas Metro police department that includes a significant officer presence at market. Additionally, in the last year, we changed our admission process for Las Vegas Market attendees and now restrict entry to a single location into the courtyard. This important change allows us to better manage access to the campus and more appropriately address security concerns. In High Point, the police and firefighters are hugely involved, both as paid workers for High Point Market and as members of the full contingent on duty throughout market. IMC works with the Market Authority as well as High Point Police, Fire Department and Marksman Security personnel on a multifaceted security strategy — again, with the goal of ensuring the safety of market participants to the best of our ability. I also want to note and express appreciation to the many first responders and the on-and-off duty law enforcement officials that assisted people during last night’s tragedy. There are certainly heroes among us, and we are grateful for their efforts. As we move forward, let’s work together to find ways to support our community and those affected by this horrible event. Whether through support of local first responders or much-needed blood donations, we all have something we can do to help. Sincerely, Robert J. Maricich CEO