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JuniperCredit to Launch with JuniperMarket in January 2022

Juniper today announced that JuniperCredit – which will simplify and spark JuniperMarket buyer-seller transactions through credit lines and Net 60 terms – is set to launch with the B2B e-commerce marketplace in January 2022.

“The highly anticipated debut of JuniperMarket is almost here, with our JuniperCredit feature bringing additional value to buyers and sellers from day one,” said Juniper CEO Bill Furlong. “JuniperCredit gives buyers fast access to capital so they can immediately source from the 1 million+ SKUs already onboarded to JuniperMarket and allows sellers to see early returns on their investments.”

JuniperCredit is prepared to offer qualified buyers a baseline credit line of up to $250,000 per company for JuniperMarket purchases with standard Net 60 terms. With rapid online approvals, JuniperCredit gives qualified buyers fast access to credit, 60 days to pay for purchases, and simplicity of managing one single line of credit across multiple vendors through the industry’s newest B2B ecommerce platform.

The increased purchasing power of buyers will allow qualified sellers to generate more orders, with no credit risk or collection costs associated with the Net 60 terms.  Participants will receive guaranteed payments for JuniperCredit purchases within as few as two days, or as many as 30 days, giving sellers the flexibility to choose a payout option that works best for their businesses.

“Credit terms for buyers and sellers is another JuniperMarket feature that is set to make the platform even more valuable and intuitive for the home décor, gift, furniture and apparel industries at launch,” added Furlong. “Some 90% of International Market Centers’ buyer audience identified that they would purchase more from sellers with net terms and JuniperCredit makes terms accessible for all sellers, increasing engagement and guaranteeing payments.”

JuniperCredit will open as a payment method when JuniperMarket launches in January 2022, with pre-qualification for a limited set of buyers and sellers currently underway. JuniperMarket and JuniperCommerce also will continue to offer sellers the flexibility to capture PCI compliant credit card orders as well as using their own terms on file with their buyers.

“The simple, intuitive credit terms of JuniperCredit will minimize the friction in wholesale purchasing, benefiting buyers and sellers alike,” said Furlong. “It immediately increases the open to buy for buyers, with potential to grow sales revenue up to five-fold for our sellers.”

About Juniper: Juniper is a fully integrated omnichannel B2B commerce solution and multi-line B2B e-commerce marketplace, empowering buyers and sellers to better manage and grow their business at markets and year-round. Juniper offers a sales automation and commerce platform (JuniperCommerce) combined with a new multi-line B2B ecommerce marketplace (JuniperMarket) that together empower sales teams, streamline product data management and deliver real-time visibility across channels – driving business efficiency and growth for buyers and sellers. Juniper is powered by International Market Centers (IMC), the world’s largest owner and operator of premier wholesale showroom space for the furniture, home décor, gift and apparel industries with more than 60 years of relationships and experience creating scalable business platforms for wholesale commerce. For more information, visit


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